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Our mission.
SpendCapital was founded on the belief that making financial decisions should be simple, effortless and available to everyone.
Pierre-E. Jouve, CFP®
Money Nerd
Adrian Vicovan, MBA
Fintech Nerd
Steve Tingiris
Senior Advisor
Chief Dabbler
Problem #1:
The solution: SpendCapital.
We created SpendCapital to help educate our users on the importance of cash flow. SpendCapital is here to guide you by showing you how much you should be contributing to savings, investments, and spending on a monthly basis.
Problem #2:
The solution: SpendCapital.
Financial anxiety is real, and making financial decisions can be difficult to evaluate. SpendCapital can help you evaluate and make a better financial decision by seeing how they impact your day to day:
  • Want to buy a new car? See how that impacts your day to day spend.

  • What if I pay off my debt? See how no longer having a debt payment can increase your ability to save, invest and even spend more!
Problem #3:
The solution: SpendCapital.
We built SpendCapital so that not only do you have access to a tool that can improve your day to day finances, but so that in a time of need you can connect with a real person to talk to. You have the control, just initiate the conversation when you’re ready, and someone will be there to help.
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